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Update (May 04, 2014):
Things got busy and I no longer find the time to update this site. However, my blog is still alive and kicking. And yes, the image is a selfie.

Yup, embedding this tweet so poorly is a violation of ALL principles of website design. I hear you.

Posted: Nov 21, 2014 just before going to bed

Content as of September 10, 2010 follows ...

Welcome to my sandbox :)

The motivation for getting a personal webspace was to play with various buzzwords and technologies.  But it didn't happen until fall 2009 that I started developing an interest for web programming when I wrote my first CSS powered info page for a local cultural club.  Passion for learning keeps me going and I strongly believe that in this day and age, one is better off being a jack of all technologies than a master of one (worse, if it is vendor specific).  Over the years, I have experimented with various programming languages like C, Java, C++, Objective-C, Ruby, Haskell, Python and Perl in varying depths, but my favorite programming langauges right now are PHP and C#.  Under the current circumstances I am working with ASP .NET by the day and PHP by the night (besides acquiring new skills in CSS and jQuery).  The goal is to write clean and easy-to-maintain websites, web applications and widgets where functionality and standards are given importance over cosmetics.  Ideally, I want to attain a level where any website or app I write comes across as elegant and reliable.  I also enjoy writing technical documents (that's right, I enjoy documentation)... you know, things like tutorials, user guides, design documents, coding standards etc.  My blog has a few samples.

About me
Since this is my personal website, I will take the opportunity to yack a bit about myself... I was born and raised in Kolkata (Calcutta), India and immigrated to Canada in Y2K.   I did my bachelor's degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  By profession I am an engineer and develop software for living and leisure.  It's going to sound like a cliché... I dig muscle cars, gadgets, nature travel, road trips, little bit of photography and I watch Simpsons regularly.

Happening now

Date: June 24, 2010
I have been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for about a year now (with a few exceptions when I was in India last fall).  I am not against eating meat (or maybe I am, I don't know) but I am strongly opposed to factory farming.   If you are not the faint of heart, I insist that you watch this gruesome video of animal abuse in our industrialized societies.

Warning: Explicit graphic content.  Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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